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With a view to development – TSL Academy

TSL Academy is a special program designed for all Omida Group’s employees. It enables them to improve their qualifications and acquire new skills and experiences.


As part of TSL Academy we hold training courses, workshops and meetings conducted by the best experts who, sharing their knowledge, improve the competence of Omida Group’s employees.


The employees who make use of the possibilities provided for by the program contribute a new quality to the company and affect its dynamic development and the growth of importance of Omida Group in the TSL sector.


We support passion!


We know that passion is extremely important. Not only at work, but also in day-to-day life, which is why we try to support it as much as we can. It is with this thought that the Omido Cyclo Team project came about, which supports cycling enthusiasts – both professionals and amateurs. As part of the project, we encourage our employees to spend their free time in an active way.


We support them in starting in various kinds of events and competitions, we also subsidize accessories necessary for cycling.

Lech Gruszka

Head of Department in Poznań

I had many years of experience, but I had been working without opportunities for further development. That is why I decided to change my job. Omida encouraged me with one vision: counting on people, friendly atmosphere, assistance by implementing your own ideas, open approach to the form of work. My aim was to create the department of national transport in Poznań. From the first day I felt support while implementing my plans, what resulted in creating a stable and profitable department with established position. That is why Omida is unique – here, everyone has a chance for unlimited development.

Karolina Ciesielczyk

District Director

While looking for new challenges in sea transport, I found Omida company. Initially, I was afraid that such a young company would not be able to offer me anything. However, after a meeting with Chairmen I decided to cooperate with the company. I remember that my first day was full of many different emotions. All employees were determined and motivated to create something great together. Omida gave me more than I wanted. I have always had ambitions to become a head and now I am working as a Branch Director. I manage a group of more than 20 people and develop Scandinavian product. Omida made me aware of how important it is to make decisions, for which you have to take full responsibility. These experiences developed my self-confidence, courage, but also humility to be able to face new challenges, which appear every day.

Michał Panfil

CEO Linkpoint

I started to cooperate with Omida already at the beginning of its activity. I left a good, foreign corporation because I believed that I could achieve something more, creating new history from scratch. I took a risk and took a chance on Omida. I participated in a big challenge, during which every day gave me a huge dose of adrenaline and unlimited possibility of self-realisation. Mutual faith in the success of our undertaking gave me, Bartłomiej and Marek a lot of strength to work. The beginnings were a real battle of ladings and positive opinions. At every step we had to prove our clients that we were incredibly reliable and stable, while three of us were sitting in our first office, which was located in the former prison in Nowy Port, without heating, welcoming surprised contractors in an old lift, which was always getting stuck and with always burnt dinner from a canteen. Despite all these things, we managed to fulfil our tasks and we were observing how, from month to month, employment was increasing and we were developing fastest of all companies from TSL industry. Thanks to the experience gained in Omida I decided to make my dream come true and start my own business. In this way, Linkpoint was created in 2013.

Damian Grzyb

CEO Visterra Express

Omida’s chairmen gave me an opportunity to create things, which I am good at. They believed in me and my product. In this way, Visterra Express was created. While implementing my vision, I focus on the things that are the most important from my point of view: investing in people, technological development, taking care of telecommunications and information infrastructure and extending our own fleet. I personally get engaged in company’s projects because I know how important it is to feel support from a supervisor. I try to support other people with my experience to make it possible for them to extend their competencies.

Thanks to my engagement, I am continuously developing and learning something new every day. Omida gives me an opportunity to act in accordance with Zig Ziglar’s maxim:

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

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