Business activity description


Omida Group consists of several partnerships which, through close cooperation and exchange of experiences, are able to provide Clients comprehensive solutions within the scope of forwarding trade and every branch of transport in Poland and abroad.


Partner relationships between all brands, which are part of Omida Group, in accordance with our motto “Together we are strong”, make it possible to achieve set goals, while maintaining the highest quality of services and full responsibility for entrusted tasks.


Within the scope of services rendered by Omida Group fall:

  • land, air and maritime transport
  • international transport of loads up to 3.5 t
  • transport within Door to Door and Just in Time systems
  • transport of materials, which require special conditions
  • keeping records and accounting for transport documentation
  • supporting business management

Company’s history



Omida Group was founded in 2010 by Bartłomiej Glinka and Marek Rostkowski. Within 7 years, they created a structure, which became a prominent and respected brand in TSL industry. Currently, Omida Group is able to provide comprehensive services within the scope of every branch of transport and forwarding trade in Poland and abroad.


From the beginning of its activity, Omida Group has been consequently focusing on dynamic development, exchange of competencies, knowledge and experiences. Thanks to it, it is possible to enhance brand’s significance in the industry and its reliability as a business partner.


W 2017 roku Omida Group rozpoczęła rozszerzanie swojej działalności na rynkach zagranicznych, w pierwszej kolejności otwierając biuro w Hamburgu. Planuje także uruchomienie kolejnych przedstawicielstw na terenie Francji i Szwecji.

Formation of the company, First office, ul. Oliwska, Nowy Port

New seat, ul. Reja, Sopot

Opening the first branch of Omida Logistics in Katowice

Formation of Linkpoint

Split off of the sea product, Sea & Air

Opening the branch of Omida Logistics in Warsaw

Formation of Omida Finance

Opening of the branch of Omida Logistics in Poznań

Formation of Virtus Logistics

Formation of Palermo Transport

Formation of SkyFox

Split off of express transports, Visterra Express

Relocation of the company’s seat to Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk

Opening of an office in Hamburg, Germany

launching of the Project Cargo division within Omida Sea & Air

launching of the Break Bulk division within Omida Sea & Air


Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa Gdańsk


Thyssenkrupp Infiniti Michelin Berghoff Intermarche Bricomarche

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